Corporate Social Responsiblity

Steelsworth is more than Tea Machine - always alert to its social responsibility - provides free scholarships, runs educational institutions, welfare centres for poor and needy, arogyabhavan and support various charitable organisation of R.K.Misson, Sai Baba etc., sponsor of drug awareness campaign.

If service of the tea industry has been a priority with Steelworth then responsibility towards its employees and towards society has been its sustained effort.

A Company ahead of its time

Everybody in Steelsworth is first considered to be a fellow human and then an employee. Right from its inception Steelsworth has shared 25% of its profits with its employees. This concept of profit sharing was perhaps amongst the first of its kind in India and even much before the Bonus Act was enforced .

70% of steelworth's employees are provided with housing in a modern unit housing scheme. They have two clubs, a consumer Co-operative Store, a Mahila Samiti which provides vocational training to their wives, a primary school for free education of their children, a daughter's wedding scheme, training courses for executive and the middle management cadre, adult education classes, financial and awards incentive for creative idea for improving products and processes and many other schemes to make it a better life for all.

Company Culture

Steelworth contributes 25% of its annual profits to the service of humanity. The Bagaria Charitable and Education Trust has been major agencies for public service activities which include graduate and post graduate scholarship schemes (so far more than 50,000 students have benefited), building for a town hall in Assam, Cancer and TB Treatment hospital and nurses training center including guest houses for patients and families and for schools (the Bagaria Balvidya Niketan in Rajasthan, a secondary school with hostel facilities which has just completed 25 years); land at Joka to the Ramkrishna Misson for handicapped children and to Vivekananda Kendra School for its location, donations for educational institute such as Satya Sai Institute for higher learning, Doon School, VelloreCristian Medical Hospital, 'Antara for Drug patients, etc. to tide them over there financial difficulties.

And then came the Anti-Drug drive through a national awareness campaign.

"All those against drug addiction raise your hands..."

In 1986, our late Chareman Dinesh Bagaria raised his hand against the growing and very serious problem. Under his guidance and inspiration an entire awareness campaign on drug abuse and its dangers was developed for the first time in Calcutta and in the country. It was finally sponcered for release only in Calcutta by the Indian Chamber of Commerce . The second stage of the campaign was developed and released nationally by Steelsworth. Subsequently, the Government of India has taken up the cause seriously and a national program of drug abuse is being constituted.