Steelsworth is engaged in manufacturing of customer specific lift and shift type Bunk House. These Bunk houses are skid mounted movable shelter and equipped with all modern fitting and used as camps at drilling site/ work over site for various oil industries.

Bunk house are fabricated in various sizes like

  1. 20’x8’
  2. 20’x10’
  3. 30’x8’
  4. 30’x10’
  5. OR as per customers specification.

Bodies of these Bunk houses are usually made of 2mm thick plain MS sheet (or Tokyo car profile type corrugation) and roof are of 2.5 mm sheet, supported by square pipe/round pipe framings.

These Bunk houses are insulated with mineral glass wool/ thermocol insulator or as specified by customer. Inside portion of these Bunk houses are covered with pre-laminated ply wood panelling or as desired by customer.

Flooring of these Bunk houses are made of 19mm Marine ply-board and further cover with either vinyl sheet or aluminium checker plate (as per specification of customer). Aluminium sliding windows with safety grill and insulated doors/ ply-board flush door are used as per customer option.

Conceal wiring with circuit breaker arrangement is used for high electrical safety.

Various furniture, fixtures and out fittings are provided as per customer requirement. Various category of Bunk houses is made to suit the purpose of customer. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Office Bunk house
  2. Two single Bed living Bunk house with attach Bath and Latrine
  3. Two double decker bed living Bunk house
  4. Medical Bunk house
  5. Kitchen Bunk house
  6. Pantry Bunk house
  7. Bathing Bunk house

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